USA Football
Frequently Asked Questions

When does the season start and end?

The 2021 season start date is currently TBD and will depend on the date of the first football game. The season concludes at the end of October or early November depending on the game schedule determined by FLYFCL.

When are practices?

In August, B and C teams practice Monday through Thursday evenings. Flag teams practice Tuesday through Thursday evenings. Once school starts in September, B and C teams practice Tuesday through Thursday and Flag teams practice Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Note that practice times also shorten once school begins, and football practice shortens as it begins to get darker in the evenings.

Where are practices?

Football and Cheer teams practice at the Pal-Mac Intermediate School during the month of August. In September and October, Cheer team practice location is at the Palmyra Community Center.

Can I stay with my child at practice?

In August 2019, PMYFCL adopted the policy that parents/caregivers should not stay at practice with their child. Please drop your child off and return 5-10 minutes before the end of practice to pick them up. If you feel you need to stay, we ask that you sit 15 yards away from the practice field or in the bleachers. When the cheerleaders move to the PCC for practice, no parents are allowed in the gym during practice time. 

It is extremely important for the kids to be paying full attention to their coaches. The coaches are volunteering their time and would like to ensure that the practice time is benefting the team as a whole. There needs to be no interuptions from parents during practice or water breaks. We ask that you allow the kids to stay focused on what the coaches are asking of them and not coaching your own child from the sidelines.

All coaches have each parent's contact information in case of emergency/injury or if they need to reach you during practice. If your child has any medical concerns, please let the head coach know ASAP.

When and where are games played?

Games are most often on Sundays. Our home field is Pal-Mac High School. Away games are to be determined by the schedule set forth by FLYFCL and will be announced at the beginning of the season. You can see the teams in the FLYFCL league on their website at

Do cheerleaders participate in competitions?

Yes! Our cheerleaders typically participate in 3-4 competitions per season, including the FLYFCL Competition. These events are most often held on Saturdays in the month of October.

What requirements exist for me if my child partipates in football or cheerleading?

There are required fundraising and volunteer activities you agree to fulfill by registering your child in our league. In August, you are required to participate in a mandatory raffle ticket fundraiser. You must sell or purchase all tickets and provide the full amount of money at the time the tickets are due. In lieu of this raffle ticket fundraiser, you may "BUY-OUT" of this mandatory fundraiser by paying the buy-out option amount during registration.The number of tickets needing to be sold depend on which team your child is on.

You also must particpate by volunteering for Workers Board shifts during our football games. Workers Board signups will be in August and the number of required shifts also depends on which team your child is on.

Additionally, there are optional fundraising opportunities to participate in. Examples include StevCo food items and our annual Bottle and Can Drive. While these are not mandatory to take part in, they are offered with prizes for the participants who raise the most money. Fundraising is a crucial piece to the sustainability of our league and we appreciate the efforts of all our families.

In addition to registration costs, what else will I need to pay for?


- PMYFCL provides helmets, mouth guards, shoulder pads, practice pants, game pants, practice jerseys, and game jerseys.

- Parents will need to purchase cleats, girdles, water bottles, and protective athletic cups.


- PMYFCL provides uniforms (shell and skirt), hair accessories, and registration fees to competitions.

- Parents will need to purchase water bottles, bodysuit midriff liners, lollies, and league specific game day/competition sneakers. Optional items may include warm ups.