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PMYFCL Registration Fee Waiver Program

PMYFCL Registration Fee Waiver Program

Pal-Mac Youth Football and Cheerleading League (PMYFCL) firmly believes that each child who wishes to participate in football or cheerleading is entitled to do so regardless of skill, gender, or financial circumstances. Our league will assist in a limited number of Registration Fee Waivers for children to participate in football or cheerleading, due too financial hardship. This opportunity is on a first come first serve basis. Once the available waivers have been fulfilled, under the discretion of the Executive Board will further waivers be approved.

Registration Fee Waiver Eligibility Requirements:

The parent and/or guardian of the name-listed participant(s) must provide explanation for the nature of the hardship, and financial documentation to be eligible for the waiver. The following information must be provided to the PMYFCL NO LATER THAN 30 DAYS AFTER the assigned registration date. If the waiver request form is not in by the deadline, under the discretion of the Executive Board will waivers be accepted for further consideration. The Executive Board only will make any and all exceptions to these rules.

Registration Fee Waiver Requirement Checklist:

  1. A COMPLETED PMYFCL Waiver Form.
  2. A detailed explanation of the financial hardship with supporting documentation.
  3. Proof of residency - indicating that the player(s) reside(s) within the Pal-Mac area.
  4. Proof of age (as of August 1st) - indicating that the player(s) meet(s) PMYFCL requirements in order to participate.
  5. All registration forms must be completed and turned in.

What You Should Know:

Prior to submitting the waiver request form, it is the responsibility of the parent and/or guardian to fully understand the following:

  1. The Registration Fee Waiver review period turnaround time (30 days after the assigned deadline).
  2. All forms must be completed in full (detailed instructions are included).
  3. If the board wishes to meet with you, you may be asked to attend one of the monthly PMYFCL board meetings.

Submit all forms either at Registration Day or by Mail:
Pal-Mac Youth Football and Cheerleading League
P.O. Box 32
Palmyra, NY 14522

**NOTE: Submit one form for each child.

Terms and Conditions:

If the Registration Fee Waiver request is approved, the following terms and conditions will apply:

  • The Registration Fee Waiver approval covers the registration fee only for one season. The waiver does not cover player equipment or uniform accessories such as socks, pants, bags, bows, belts, etc.
  • Parent and/or legal guardian agrees to "repay" PMYFCL through additional volunteering for functions and activities (for example, helping with pre-season activities, working the concession stand at practice or games, helping with teams as requested by the PMYCL Executive Board) by fulfilling 4 additional volunteer positions per approved participant. This "repayment" is in addition to the required number of workers board shifts per team already mandated per child per season.
  • Approval of this waiver agreement by PMYFCL does not exclude the participation requirement in any mandatory league fundraisers including, but not limited to, the raffle ticket fundraiser.
  • Parent and/or legal guardian is required to pay $25.00 registration fee for each approved participant, due 30 days after notification of applicant approval.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is the information I provide kept confidential? Yes, only the Executive Board will view all the information supplied. (League President, Vice President, Registration Director, Secretary, and Treasurer). The information is not shared with others.
  2. Is there a limit on the number of children in my family that I can request a waiver for? Yes. PMYFCL limits the number of waivers provided to any one family to two participants in football and/or cheerleading.
  3. If I requested and or was granted a waiver this year, is my family eligible for waivers in the future? If you have received a waiver in the past or present, it does not prevent or guarantee future waiver requests. The circumstances regarding financial hardships, etc., noted in the request are evaluated with every application, and re-evaluated if it is a repeated request. The waiver eligibility requirements still must be satisfied in all cases.