Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Registration


How will I know if my child is ready?


We want all of our athletes to have a fun and positive experience in this program. Your child will be expected to pay attention and follow directions in a group setting. Parents may watch practices during the preseason. However, children must be independent as parents are not allowed on the practice fields.  When you register your child you are agreeing to attend all practices and games. Cheerleaders agree to attend four all-day competitions. When you register you are also agreeing to comply with the PMYFCL rules and complete all required volunteer hours.


What type of a commitment does football and cheer require?


Athletes are required to attend all practices, games and competitions. Practice will begin sometime during the first two weeks of August. FLYFCL determines the start date and schedule. We communicate this to families as soon as the information is available.

Practices run as follows: 

​Flag Football and Cheerleading:

​​Preseason (August) T, W, Th 5:30-7:30

​​Season (Start of the School Year) T and Th 5:30-7:00

​​Practice times will be shortened as the daylight gets shorter

​C Team and B Team Football and Cheerleading:

​​Preseason (August) M, T, W, Th 5:30-8:00

​​Season (Start of the School Year) T, W, Th 5:30-7:30

​​Practice times will be shortened as the daylight gets shorter

Practices are at the Palmyra-Macedon Intermediate School in Macedon. Cheer will move to the Palmyra Community Center (PCC) in Palmyra for practices when school starts. Due to space considerations parents are not permitted to watch cheer practice at the PCC.



Games are on Sundays. Flag games start at 8:45, C Team games start at 10:00 and B Team games start right after the end of C Team games, at approximately 12:00.

Games are played at the Palmyra-Macedon High School Football Field in Palmyra. Half of our games will be away games and will require parents to transport their child to and from. The schedule and directions to away games will be available on the website and through the app when it is released by FLYFCL.

We attend 4 cheer competitions during the season. Competitions are 1 day and held on the weekends. Competitions typically run the whole day.



What happens if we have a vacation scheduled during the season?


We are a youth sports organization. Family and school will always come first. If there is a vacation planned you must speak with your child’s coach to make arrangements. Athletes must have a minimum number of practices before they can play in a game. Your coach will explain what will need to happen.


What is the Mandatory Volunteer Hours requirement?  


PMYFCL is a volunteer organization. All of our coaches and board members are volunteers. We rely on parent volunteers to help make our season successful. Families are required to volunteer 2 hours during the season for flag athletes and 4 hours during the season for C and B Team athletes. Shifts are assigned prior to the start of the season. If the shift is missed for any reason a $50 fee will be assessed and the athlete will be required to sit out the next game or competition. The fee must be paid before the child may return. 


What happens if I cannot work the volunteer hours?


Volunteer hours are mandatory. Anyone can work the hours on behalf of your child. It is up to the parent to make arrangements for each shift to be covered PRIOR to game day. 


What documents do I need to register my child?

To ensure that your child’s registration is successful please make sure you have all the correct documents and the completed registration form. PMYFCL is required to “certify” each of our athletes in order for them to participate. Certification consists of presenting FLYFCL with proof of your child’s registration, birth certificate and current physical. Registration is not complete if all your documents are not approved.


Birth Certificate – You will need to upload a photo of your child’s Birth Certificate to the website as part of the registration process. It must be a birth certificate. A hospital record will NOT be approved for certification.


Completed Registration Form – The registration form must be complete. The name on the registration MUST match the name on the Birth Certificate. All information must be included. The registration form must be signed by the athlete and the parent. If the child does not sign the registration form the league will not certify the athlete.


Current Physical dated 8/1/2023 or later – We MUST have a physical form. A visit summary is NOT acceptable. The physical form must have the date of the physical (8/31/2023 or later). The name on the physical MUST match the name on the birth certificate. The physical form MUST have the following statement “Confirmed free of communicable disease during exam and may participate in all physical education/athletics, playground, work and school/daycare activities without restrictions.”. The physical MUST be signed and dated by the Physician and the practice address must be included.


If you do not have a current physical, upload a sheet of paper with the date or approximate date of the physical. Your child will NOT be completely registered until a valid physical is submitted. 

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